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I have tons of videos that have never been seen before and that will never be seen anywhere but here. I can show you videos of all different styles and all different kinds ...including plenty of me other girls. There's also loads of behind the scenes footage from movie sets, photo shoots, video shoots, T.V. hosting, events and even archive videos from when I first started my site. There are also plenty of video clips from my everyday life , whether I am just running errands, goofing off with friends, hanging out at home, or out having fun. Only I can show you my life through my eyes. See you world.

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The only way to really know something is to ask me directly...and in my cam can! I have weekly live cam chats with my members. I have themed shows and strips and sometimes I just leave my cam on so you can get a sneak peek into my life on the set, traveling, with my friends and my home. I should warn you. It gets addicting! xoxo
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