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They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well...I literally have hundreds of thousands of images to share with you! I can show you TONS of exclusive pics of me in hot photoshoots of all different styles...including plenty of me with other girls. There's also loads of behind the scenes photos from film sets, photo shoots, video shoots, T.V. hosting, events and even archive pics from when I first started in this business. My personal favorites are the pics from my everyday life at home with my animals or just goofing off with my friends. See which ones are your pics of choice.

Ever wonder what goes on in my head? Its hard to know what's really going on behind a persons eyes unless they tell you. I am exposing it all in my diary for you to see. I share my thoughts on my shoots and the people that I may have worked with on any given day. You get to know the details of my life, my personality, my fantasies, my gripes, my fears, my confessions, my everything.

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